Decorating A Two-Story Foyer For Fall

October 23, 2016


I have decorated and redecorated my foyer multiple ways since we moved in because it was never quite right. I started with a long, two drawer white entry way table but no matter what decor I had on it, it just never seemed to fill the space the way I wanted to. So I started thinking outside of the box, maybe it was not the decor on the table but the table itself, but what else could I put there? I thought maybe a bench but the thought went quickly because we have a mudroom with a bench and hooks for our jackets and I knew I wanted our foyer to be for decoration and not for functionality that a bench/coatrack would bring. So maybe another piece of furniture, I looked for a unique dresser, a buffet and other solid pieces of furniture I could use but nothing struck me until I was looking for furniture for our wine room (chairs in particular) and I saw this chair! It was not what we needed for the wine room but would fit perfectly in the corner of our foyer! Then I wanted a small round table to place next to it and as soon as I walked into TJMaxx it was sitting right there and on CLEARANCE! Sold!


these two pieces filled the corner space and I only needed to add some florals and a picture frame to consider it complete. The florals added height and the yellow was perfect for summer and I just added orange to move into the fall season. I will continue to change out the colors as we move through the holidays and I have a perfect holiday pillow for the chair that I can’t wait to add!


So when it comes to decorating a foyer here are my tips!

  1. Decide if it is for functionality or for decorations: In my case I went for decoration but if you are looking for functionality I would suggest a bench with hooks for jackets and maybe a umbrella holder as an extra additive.
  2. Height: If you have a two-story foyer you will need to add height to fill the space. My next purchase will be a picture for the wall behind the chair but I have not found it yet!
  3. Think outside the box: There are no rules around decorating a foyer! You can add any piece of furniture that fits even a chair!

And a foyer is not complete with out a silly pooch sitting pretty!image

Hope you enjoyed! See you next Sunday!


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Chair: Target

Picture Frame: Michael’s Craft Store

Floral arrangement: Michael’s Craft Store

End Table: TJMaxx

Wall Paint: Sherwin Williams Natural Tan

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