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DIY Cotton Stems

October 30, 2016

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I love the look of cotton stems but I don’t love the price tag! So I started searching how to make them myself and found a DIY from Twelve on Main! Once I relized how easy it was I decided to give it a try and tell you about my experience! Did I mention this whole project on cost me $2.50!! 

What you need:
Pine Cones
Tree branches
Cotton balls (I used large)
Hot glue gun
Hand tree cutters


The only thing I didn’t have at home was pine cones so I went to AC Moore for a bag and used my %50 off coupon! It came to $2.50 and that was the total amount spent on this whole project!


I had plenty of cotton balls and for the other supplied I just had to go out side and cut down some branches. You may have some laying on the ground depending on the time of year but I didn’t waste any time and just started cutting smaller branches from out tree out front. After I thought I had enough I cleaned them up with the clippers to take off any leaves/flowers that were left.


I experimented with different ways to glue the cotton balls on to find the easiest way. For me was to make sure the cotton ball was rolled up tight then to place the cotton ball behind the branch, put a strip of glue on the branch and wrap the cotton ball around the branch.


Make sure you are gluing the cotton ball close to the base of the branch. I also found it was much easier to glue the branch vs the cotton ball as cotton balls and hot glue don’t mix very well 🙂


Now you’ll need to pull apart the pine cone to individual piece. It it easier to start at the bottom. Also you should have a variety in sizes!


To glue the pine cone pieces on is easy just make sure you are placing the hot glue on the pine cone then on to the cotton ball so that the pine cone wraps around the cotton ball. img_9409

I used 3 pine cone pieces per cotton ball and most of my branches had 5-6 cotton balls.


Then you just repeat these steps over and over until you have enough finished branches!


I had hoped 8 branches would be more filling but I can always make more 🙂


Hope you enjoyed!

Thank you for the great idea!

See you next Sunday!


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