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DIY Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Knobs and Hinges

November 13, 2016

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One of the first projects we did when we moved into our home was update the door knobs and hinges from a flat silver to an oil rubbed bronze color. You can buy new knobs and hinges but this will become very pricey very quickly so I purchased a few cans of Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze and in 24 hours I had a whole new look through out my house!

I had 17 doors that you could openly see so throughout the house so I had A LOT of work to do!

Supplies needed:
Rustoleum spray paint: I used 3 cans for 17 doors
Philips Screw driver
Nail (to knock pins out of the hinge)
Steel wool
large cardboard


Step 1: Take off all the door knobs and hinges.

You may want to keep track of which door knobs came off with doors but I only focused on the doors with key locks, i.e. front door, garage door, back door etc. You will need to unscrew all the door knobs front and back to remove them from the door. Then you will need to take the doors off the hinges to paint the pins. This is where I needed a little help from Justin. He helped me take the pins off the hinges, this was the most difficult/ annoying part of the whole project but it was worth it in the end!


After the doors are off the hinges and you have 3 pins per door you can unscrew the door hinges, make sure you keep track of all the little screws, I had 22 screws per door. I found it easy to walk around with zip lock baggies to collect and label everything. Once all the hardware is off you are good to go!


Step 2: Clean

Once all hardware is removed you’ll need to clean everything to ensure the paint will adhere to the metal and not chip in the future. First I washed with degrease dish soap and dried. Then I wiped all the hardware down with a degreaser. After all the hardware was washed, completely dry and free from grease I carefully roughed up the surface with steel wool. Be careful not to transfer grease from your hands back to the hardware. This whole process was pretty time consuming but very important to make sure the paint will adhere properly and you won’t have to redo all your hard work.


Step 3: Paint!

I luckily had a large rectangular shaped target box that hadn’t been thrown out yet so I took it outside and stuck the door knobs through the cardboard to make sure they wouldn’t move and it could lay flat. I also stuck the pins and screws in the cardboard so I could efficiently paint them. To paint just go in light horizontal sprays. You don’t want to drench the hardware or it will have runs all over. Just do nice even sprays about a foot away. I did three good coats and left 30 minutes in-between coats to dry. Also make sure to get under the door knobs and completely coat them. I had a few missing spots that you could see silver and had to go back over.


Step 4: Dry

I started my project roughly 8 A.M. one Saturday morning and was finished around 12. I took the door hinges in the garage (still in the cardboard) and let them dry over night. It is important to make sure the paint is complete dry before putting the hardware back on the doors.


Step 5: Put hardware back on and enjoy your new look!

Once the hardware is completely painted and dry you just need to reattached all door knobs and hinges (again needed a little help from my hubby putting the doors back on.) When putting the door back on it is a lot easier to set the door on the hinges and put the top pin in first. Then you can shut the door so the hinges will align easier to put the remaining two hinges in.


This was a great DIY project that really changed the look of our house inside. It really is crazy what some paint can do 😉

hope you enjoyed!

See you next Sunday!


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