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DIY Merry & Bright Wood Sign

December 4, 2016

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Happy Sunday!

Yesterday was a fun filled day of home projects! One of the projects was a wood sign I made for the holidays, it says “Merry & Bright” but you can use this tutorial to make any wood sign.

What you need to make a wood sign
1 8ft 1×2
1 12″x12″ 3/4″ plywood
Miter saw
Nail gun
Dark walnut stain (and rag)
White paint
black craft paint and brush (I used a sharpie paint pen)
Sign print out

First you will need to cut the wood for the frame. For a 12×12 inch sign you will need 2 12″ pieces and 2 13.5″ pieces (don’t for get to allocate for the the blade).


Once the wood is cut you want to sand down your edges with fine grit sandpaper and then you can paint the plywood and stain the frame. I painted the wood with left over BM simply white paint but you can chose any color you like. I let this sit overnight to make sure everything was dry. Then in the morning I put a little more stain on the frame to darken up a few spots.

Now for the fun part!

Once you have your wording picked out, print it to the size you like. I searched for “Merry & Bright” and there were tons of free printable images to choose from. I picked this sign and since it was more vertical than square I used photoshop to adjust it and make it a 9×9 image.


Once it is printed flip it over so the printed side is face down and heavily shade over the letters (this will make your hand tired 🙂


Now flip it back over and carefully line it up on the painted plywood and secure it down with tape. Begin tracing over the sign with enough pressure to transfer and outline to the wood.


Remove the paper and you will have a light pencil outline.


To paint your sign you can use craft paint and a brush. I used a sharpie brush tip pen that I found to be great to work with. It gives you the look of paint but you feel like you are using a marker! It turned out perfectly imperfect!


Once you are happy with your sign you can secure the stained frame with nail gun and your done!


Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! This was one of the easiest and most inexpensive DIY projects I have done and can’t wait to make more!


Until next Sunday 🙂


Unfortunately Susie was not much help in this project 🙂

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