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Home Tour: How I Picked Neutral Paint Colors

December 11, 2016


One thing that I have struggled with and I know it is a pain point for a lot of people is wall paint colors. How do you pick the perfect color to go with your décor? You have one shot to get it right and if it’s wrong.. ugh well it’s a lot of time and money wasted! So I am going to take you room by room and talk about the colors I picked (good and bad!) and why the colors in my house could look completely different in someone else’s! Hopefully this helps when you are picking out your next wall color. ☺️

Family Room/Kitchen: Sherwin Williams: Repose Gray.

When we moved in to our home we knew right away we needed to paint every room, but first our family room and kitchen area. At the time the rooms ran into each other with no real breaking point so we decided to paint it all one color. Since then we have added a beam to divide the rooms. Breaking up the rooms is now an option.


We did SO much research for this paint color because we knew this is where most of our time would be spent. First we narrowed it to a color.. gray.. okay that should be easy just find a nice neutral gray WRONG! There is light gray, dark gray, cool gray, warm gray, gray with green undertones should I go on? My point is there are too many paint colors to choose from it becomes difficult to find that one perfect shade.  So I went to Pinterest I looked up our style living space with gray paint and over and over and over again Sherwin Williams: Repose Gray came up. From Pinterest I narrowed it down to 5 colors to sample, I wouldn’t recommend getting more that 5 paint samples, you will just confuse yourself. Our painter had recommended we use a scrap piece of wood to put the swatches on so you don’t have to mark up your walls and you can move it around to see the color in different spaces and different lighting. I am still a little unsure of this tactic but we gave it a try. Justin and I finally both agreed on Repose Gray! I was so relived to finally have made a decision and purchase paint! Once it was all done I loved it. I loved it because it was not the funky green the previous owners had painted, It was grey! Then the horribleness started to sink in, it was not so much gray and more light blue. 😩 In certain lighting our living room and kitchen looked like a nice grey and others it looked icy blue, not at all what I wanted. I actually would say we wanted more of a beige than icy blue. So needless to say I was not happy and immediately wanted to repaint but Justin talked me out of it, he said to wait and decorate the space and if I still don’t like it we can repaint. Well a year later, I still don’t like it BUT he was right, now we have beautiful white kitchen cabinets, white built-in bookcases and darker floors, it has changed the look. So now the plan is to(one day) repaint just the kitchen. Since this also flows into the foyer and I love that color it only makes sense!


I have heard from friends and family. “It’s not that bad” or “I like that it has a blue tint” and I agree it could be worse but its just not the look we were going for.


If you paint and don’t like the color, live with it for a little. You never know you might change your mind! Or not ☺️


In our house Repose gray: Is a cool grey with blue undertones. Some say perfect for farmhouse style but personally I like warm cozy colors and this is not that (in our space).

Wine Room: Sherwin Williams: Accessible Beige
The next paint project was our wine bar room. After the issue with the color in the kitchen/ living room I knew I want beige not gray. Since we were only doing half the wall and via Pinterest I knew I loved Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams, it was my first and only choice. We jumped right in, no samples, we just painted and it was perfect!!


The reason this color may look different in here than in another room is the amount of white and light we have already. From the white board and batten (a DIY post for another day) to the white ceiling and crown molding, plus the amount of natural light this room gets, I think the color appears different than it would if you painted the whole room this color. But again it just shows paint colors really depend on lighting!


In our house Accessible Beige: Is a warm perfect beige color with hints of greige it would be perfect in any room!

Foyer: Sherwin Williams: Natural Tan
For our foyer this was another big project that made me super nervous, again I resorted to Pinterest, I wanted a light, bright beige color. We picked some sample colors and did the scrap board idea since the lighting is so different throughout the day in our foyer I didn’t want to put swatches everywhere. We came up with Natural Tan because we saw undertones in the other samples we picked, some pink, some yellow. But natural tan is exactly its name, a natural tan. When we had our painter do this project he was also working on our trim throughout the first floor and ceiling so it took 2 days. The first day I came home I had a little panic attack. It looked white, I thought “did I just paint an already bright foyer white?” Sure enough it was only one coat and as it dried, it darkened and now it looks great!


In our house Natural Tan: Is a warm light beige with no noticeable undertone.


Guest room: Benjamin Moore: Ballet White
For this room I was all on my own, it was a project I took on when Justin was working long hours last winter. This paint color again came from Pinterest and another one I didn’t get samples for. At this point, I had a gauge for the rooms lighting and the color I want so I purchased ballet white and got started! I wouldn’t say its perfect but it’s definitely not a mistake!


In our house ballet white: is a warm creamy white, perfect for a bedroom that needs some extra brightness.

Powder Room: Benjamin Moore: Simply White
Simply White for me was a no brainer because I would be using it for shiplap. On Pinterest I found two colors most used for shiplap, BM Simply White and SW Alabaster (oddly both are the brands color of the year 2016). I chose Simply White only because ACE Hardware was running an awesome sale buy one get one on all BM paints! I bought 2 gallons because I actually painted our front room (one day playroom) this color first. It looks great on the walls and even better on the shiplap!


In our house: Simply White it the perfect white. I love it on the shiplap and on the walls. White can be tricky because it could pull creamy tones like ballet white, it could be cool with grey undertones or awkwardly neon bright. Simply white is perfect, perfect for a farmhouse style!


So that’s my wall paint projects so far and there will be more to come! To wrap it up here are my tips and tricks to picking wall paint colors.

1. Consider lighting: If you have a lot of natural light the color will be true or lighter. If you do not have natural lighting it could appear darker. Fluorescent light bulbs can also change the look of the color. Don’t forget to consider time of day, if you put samples on the wall look at them morning, noon and night as the color can change with the natural lighting.

2. Pinterest: I loved looking up paint colors on Pinterest but be careful because lighting and altered images can be deceiving.

3. If you make a mistake its only paint, repainting is always an option! (but who wants to do that) ☺️

Hope this was helpful!

Until next Sunday

Alli & Susie

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