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DIY Dresser Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

February 5, 2017

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Happy Sunday friends!!

I have been itching for another DIY project so after gathering some inspiration from my Instagram friends I decided to FINALLY paint the dresser I picked up last summer at a yard sale! I decided on a two-toned look after seeing Kari from @littleblessedfarmhouse dresser on Instagram, I am still not sure where this dresser will be going but at least it is now Havrilla home approved!

I had painted another dresser with Annie Sloan chalk paint before so I used what I had left over! Using chalk paint is so easy and Annie Sloan is my favorite! It is a little on the expensive side but a little goes a LONG way!! I competed two projects and still have paint left over!

I am going to walk you step but step how I turned this dated brown dresser into a unique piece!

Materials you will need:
Annie Sloan chalk paint: I used old white
Annie Sloan Wax: clear
Wax paint brush: These can get expensive, I purchased mine on amazon!
3″ paint brush: The bigger the brush the more area you will cover at once!
Sand paper *optional
Cleaner: I used a regular household degreaser

Step 1:

First you will need to clean your piece, mine had been sitting in this room untouched for months and before that God only knows so it needed a good cleaning. I wiped it all down with a damp towel to remove any dust, dirt or debris. Then I used a simple household degreaser cleaner to remove any oils, remember your hands carry oils so be careful not to touch the piece once it is completely cleaned.

Step 2:

Once it is clean you will want to remove the drawers. For this dresser I decided not to paint the drawers because I was going to for a two-toned look but if you are painting the drawers just follow step 1 and also remove the hardware.

Step 3:

Now that your piece is prepped you will want to get your paint ready. I diluted my paint with water for two reasons. 1. The consistency of chalk paint is very thick so the water give it a more paint-like texture. 2. It will make your paint last longer and I am all for conserving paint! I just added some paint into a solo cup and slowly added a little water until it was the right consistency.

Step 4:

Paint! That is it, just paint, chalk paint goes on very easy and drys very fast so be sure to work quickly. There is not right or wrong way to paint. Your first coat will not completely cover so don’t worry that is what the second coat it for! The darker the wood you are painting the more paint you will need! I like my paint strokes to be random but you can have them going all one way if you like! With chalk paint you will see the paint strokes. That is the point so if you don’t like that look chalk paint may not be for you.

You will want to let the paint completely dry in between coats I would say a good 45 mins to an hour. Once your second coat is on you can decide if it needs a third. My first project did need a third coat because it was such a dark wood, but this project was fine with two!

Step 5:

Once the paint is 100% dry you can distress the paint with sand paper. You will want to focus on edges where the piece would naturally begin to wear. Don’t be afraid of sanding. If you take too much off you can always add more paint!

Step 6:

Now that the piece is painted and distressed you will want to put a coat of wax on to protect your work! Just use your wax brush and use short light strokes to cover the piece with a light coat of wax. Again a little goes a long way! Once the wax is dry you are done!

Thats it, you can have a brand new piece of furniture is a couple hours!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions please ask! I am happy to help!


-Alli 🙂


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