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Kitchen Reno 2.0: Idea Board

May 15, 2017

Hii Friends!

I am so excited to share we are entering part two of our Kitchen reno! This time last year we were researching the topic of kitchen cabinet paint! After A LOT of contemplation, we decided to leave it to the professionals and I found an amazing company Thrifty Gypsy owned by Whitney. If you are in the local Philly area you should contact her, she is AMAZING! I am often asked how did you find a contractor you can trust, well technically Justin found her! On day Justin was talking to a friend at work and for whatever reason mentioned we were looking to redo our Kitchen and have our cabinets painted. Greg says, my girlfriend owns a business painting cabinets, oh and happens to live in the town next to you. What are the odds, now you have to understand Justin work is not a typical office environment where you work with the same people every day and get to know them well. He works with different people sometimes every day and he was only working with Greg for two days so in our eyes it was meant to be. I immediately contact Whitney and had her come out for a quote. We instantly connected and I knew I found someone special!  So last June she painted our cabinets white with a glaze and installed a backsplash. I LOVED it! It was perfect and exactly what I wanted.

Now a year later Kitchen reno 2.o is replacing our countertops, sink, and appliances. Since the day we moved in Justin and I have HATED our sink. It is a shallow double basin that you can not even fit a pot in! It is so frustration but I took that as an opportunity to one day get my dream farmhouse sink! To get my dream sink we needed to remove the countertops, another opportunity in my head because though we have beautiful granite countertops they just don’t find the modern farmhouse style that we are going for. So after Justin and I talked through our options, we decided we would both be happy with white quartz countertops and a butcher block island top. YAY! I am so excited because last week we had Whitney come back to give an official quote for the quartz and sink installation. Yea, she does it all! So this weekend I made my first big but super exciting purchase for the kitchen! A Farmhouse sink! EEK! I can not wait to have a large single basin sink!!!

So the project will start mid-June and that gives me plenty of time to finalize the rest! Justin will be doing our island himself so we need to decide on the material we will be using. I am also struggling to find the perfect faucet, there are so many styles out there! If any of you have a farmhouse sink and have opinions on faucets I would love to hear! I keep going back to the gooseneck style but I just can’t seem to pull the trigger.

After all that is decided and we get closer to install week we are going to replace our stove, microwave and refrigerator to get all stainless steel appliances. Well maybe just the stove and microwave for now, we will see what kind of deal we can get 🙂

I hope you enjoyed a look into my vision for our kitchen! Some other ideas I have floating around are painting our island gray and whitewashing our ivory brick backsplash but I will keep you posted!!

XO Alli

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