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My Two Favorite Metal Signs

June 17, 2017

If you love farmhouse décor I am sure you love metal signs! I was so excited when Vintage Metal Co asked me to be a brand rep earlier this year! The deal was I got to pick any sign from her shop that I wanted to style in my home and then we worked together to design a custom sign for my home!

I had admired this shop for months before becoming a brand rep so I already had my eye on a couple signs! I loved the 40” “Farm to Table” sign and the large “gather” sign. I originally wanted the large “gather” sign for above our bar upstairs but since I wasn’t fully ready to finish decorating this room I went with the “Farm to Table” sign for our kitchen. My plan was to put it above our farmhouse table. Since at the time the table wasn’t built yet, this gave me the excuse to finally finish our seating nook!


So first came a black 40” “Farm to Table” sign and it was perfect! We hung it in the center of our kitchen bay window but I think it would also look great just sitting on the counter! It is such a focal point for the room and I have received so many compliments!

Then it was time to design a sign and again I thought about a sign for our bar room but noting was coming to mind so I asked for a custom coffee bar sign! As you all know my style is very simple so I thought a natural galvanized metal would look great with all the black metals already in place. We came up with a 14” round sign that says “Coffee Bar” with a cute coffee mug representing the “o” in coffee. Once the design was set I swear it was at my door the next day! I was so excited to incorporate it in my coffee bar and since I decided not to hang it I can move it around when I am ready for a change!

I love these signs and I would recommend Vintage Metal Co to anyone looking for high quality signs!



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